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For your convenience, we have provided you with forms to fill out prior to coming in so that your wait time is expedited. Please click the tab that pertains to your appointment, print, and fill out. Bring the forms with you to our office along with your Insurance Card and I.D.

At Women's Imaging - Medical Imaging Center we offer regular screening for mutations in the BRCA genes, in addition to other genes that predispose women to breast cancer. Whether or not you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer it can have implications on your family, therefore understanding your predisposition can help you and your doctor determine the appropriate health management for you. A simple test allows us to find out if women carry a BRCA gene mutation or a mutation in another gene that will increase their risk for cancer. A woman who is a carrier of either the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene has an increased risk from the rest of the population of getting breast cancer from 12% to up to 85%. The power of knowing if you are in fact a carrier can allow you to make proactive choices such as: Starting your cancer screening at an earlier age, increased imaging surveillance, taking medication that reduces your risk, and electing to undergo prophylactic surgery.

If you think you may be at risk or would like to find out if your may be at risk of carrying a gene mutation, and whether you may be a candidate for the test you may complete our confidential and highly secure online quiz customized for Women's Imaging at Medical Imaging.

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Women's Imaging at Medical Imaging will contact you once the results have been evaluated to schedule your consultation visit.

Knowing Your Risk Empowers You To Lower It.